Mary's Angel

I do not know why life is so strange. There are chances all about for one to act the angel. Here is Mary's story. She was in a parking lot and saw a woman berating her male companion for no apparent reason. The woman called the man every name in the book and some that are not in any book! Mary decided not to get involved, and went inside the store to do her shopping.

When Mary came out of the store again, there sat the man alone in his car. He looked so forlorn, that Mary was prompted to do something. She went up to him and told him that he was not all of those awful things the other woman had said. Mary told the gentleman that she was sure he was a fine person, and could be proud of himself! Then Mary quickly walked to her car. As she was driving away, she saw the gentleman looking all around with a big smile on his face. I know that Mary made that man's day, and since he did not see her in the parking lot, perhaps he thought she could have been an angel sent to make him feel better.  I know this story made my day when my friend, Mary, told it to me.

Book-End Angels